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We offer a product that safeguards ones estate against any unforeseen costs and expenses.

Executors often find themselves in unpleasant state of affairs where they have to dispose of assets in order to finalize an estate where provisions were not made to cover all estate costs.

Costs to Determine

Administrators cost for an estate is 3.5% to the value of the estate. So an estate of R 1 000 000 has a cost of R 35 000 plus the costs of any transfers of assets out of the estate.


Should the estate not have sufficient funds the executors have no other choice but to dispose of assets to cover costs.


Our product allows an immediate expense benefit aimed to provide liquidity at time of death. We offer prompt payments of claims from the arrival of all claim forms and other documentation.

We have no medical underwriting requirements with a maximum entry age of 65.

We offer full financial planning and the process is quick, easy and simple.

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